The Account-Based Event Marketing Checklist

Account-based marketing and event marketing have a lot in common: both focus on personalized, targeted interactions with consumers, and both help internally align marketing and sales teams to ensure that the right accounts are being engaged the right way. But making the transition to a more targeted marketing approach can be difficult, especially when so many companies are focused on attracting a large quantity of leads—and are not as focused on quality.

We've teamed up with with Engagio, the Account-Based Everything platform, to create this checklist. Hosting a successful, revenue-driven and account-focused event requires a lot of forethought and planning; our checklist will help ensure that you're leveraging your event to engage with the right people and ultimately drive business results. The checklist covers:

Mockup_ABM Event Checklist Circle.png
  • Specific actions to take before, during and after your event

  • How to integrate event data with your CRM to track the success of your event

  • Tips for attracting high-quality attendees, engaging with them during the event, and following up with them after
  • ...and much more


Download the checklist: