[Download] The Complete Book of Event Success Metrics 

Your guide to understanding how to calculate event ROI.

Everyone understands, even if anecdotally, that events are impactful. But too often organizations aren't calculating their return on investment because events are notoriously difficult to quantify.

In this eBook, however, we've simplified the process by compiling the most important event metrics and walking you through how to calculate them. Determining the success of your events will not only boost your event marketing strategy in particular, but will also help your marketing strategy in general. By tracking events the same way you track other marketing channels, you'll be able to compare all campaigns side-by-side to truly determine which ones are more successful. 

The eBook covers:

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  • How to determine whether or not your event was worth it using quantifiable data 

  • How to calculate specific business metrics from your event, including the cost per lead, cost of customer acquisition, and ROI

  • How to measure attendee behavior before and after your event
  • ...and much more.

Ready to drive more revenue from your events? Download the eBook today!

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