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[Download] Event In A Box for Educational Institutions

Everything you need to plan your institution's events.

Events are one of the best ways to engage with alumni, students, and donors, but the event planning and management processes can be daunting Event success and ROI can also be difficult to measure.

Event_In_A-Box.pngThat's why we've created "Event In A Box," a compilation of resources to simplify the entire event planning process. This toolkit will help you plan your event, follow up with your event attendees, and measure your event's success!

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The Event In A Box for EDU includes:

Step 1: Pre-Event

  • Planning Checklist
  • The Art of Event Email Invitations 
  • How to Perfect Event Registration
  • Budget Template
  • Social Media Tips

Step 2: During The Event

  • 6 Tips for Check-In
  • How To Perfect Event On-site Support
Step 3: Post-Event
  • How to Use Surveys for Successful Events
  • ROI Cheat Sheet
  • Post-Event Checklist

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