[eBook] 20 Unique Ways to Engage Attendees with Technology

You've heard it before—attention is one of the scarcest resources of the 21st century. A marketer's job, however, is to capture the attention of their target audience, and marketers are increasingly turning to events to help them do so. It takes a lot of work to attract a lead or prospect to an event, but it's just as difficult to capture their attention once they're at the venue. So, what can you do to make the in-event experience more engaging?

Event Farm teamed up with Liz King, CEO of Liz King Events and techsytalk, to produce this eBook. Liz is a tech-obsessed, event-planning pro, and was named one of the 25 most influential people in the meetings industry by Special Events Magazine. She's planned many events herself, and understands how to help marketers create event experiences that will impress attendees and ultimately drive business results. 

The eBook covers:

  • How to encourage the use of social media so attendees become more engaged with the event

  • How technology can help streamline event logistics

  • The importance of using technology to create productive spaces—and ultimately allow attendees to get the most out of event content
  • ...and much more


Download the eBook: