[eBook] Take Your Event on the Road

How to Engage Your Target Accounts with Roadshow Events

The landscape of B2B marketing is changing. Rather than focusing on large-scale lead generation efforts, marketers are increasingly turning to a more targeted, account-based approach—because they know that revenue means more than a list of low-quality leads.

But what does this mean for events? Events make up a critical marketing channel for anyone adopting account-based marketing, but to you'll likely need to rethink your event strategy to align with a more targeted marketing approach—and this is where roadshow events come in.

Roadshows allow you to meaningfully engage the accounts with which you most want to interact in order to win their business. Whether you're refining your field marketing strategy or just getting started, download our guide to learn: 

  • How to plan events—everything from choosing a city to presenting the right content—to set yourself up for success

  • Best practices for getting the right people in the room
  • How to enable your sales team to maximize their in-person interactions and drive personalized and relevant follow-up

  • The metrics you should focus on when measuring event impact

  • ...and much more.


Download the guide: