[eBook] Using Tech to Track Event ROI

Events are consistently cited as one of the most effective marketing channels, and consumers are increasingly drawn to experiential and event marketing. But how do you prove your event's ROI?

We teamed up with Lesley Pinckney, Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy at GMR Marketing, to produce this eBook. It discusses how experiential marketers should use technology to better measure event ROI and collect in-event data to ultimately drive business results.

Experiential marketing is no longer just about throwing a cool party—it's about using data to incorporate events into your greater marketing and business strategies.  

This eBook covers:

  • Why millennials are helping event marketers capture in-event datausing-tech-track-event-roi.png

  • How marketers can capitalize on digital trends to engage attendees and collect data

  • Tactics for integrating events into your overall marketing strategy

  • Working collaboratively within your organization to best understand how you can boost event ROI

  • ...and much more.

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