[Webinar] Everything You Need to Know About Event Marketing Measurement in 45 Minutes

Available on demand! 

Events are expensive. But they're effective.

Knowing how to measure them is crucial, but events aren't as easy to track as, say, an advertising campaign on Facebook. 

That's why we teamed up with BrightFunnel, a marketing attribution platform, to walk through how we can think about measuring the success of our events.

Whether you're sponsoring a booth at a tradeshow or hosting your own dinner with prospects and clients, events can play a bit role in boosting brand awareness, building pipeline, and influncing your bottom line. 

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to effectively measure event campaigns, including tips about:

  • Which event metrics you can (and should) track before, during, and after an event
  • Using event metrics and data to make your overall marketing strategy smarter (For example: How do you nurture leads generated from an event?)
  • How events can impact your marketing pipeline and revenue
  • Building an increasingly successful event marketing strategy 

Watch the webinar: