Webinar: The Connected Experience

Using Data to Engage with Attendees Before, During and After Events


Offline marketing channels are difficult to quantify, and it can be difficult to assign data points to your in-person events. But using the data you collect during your event's registration and check-in processes can help inform your in-event and post-event engagement strategy, and can ultimately lead to a better attendee experience. But where do you get started?

Join us for a webinar with Event Farm COO, Brennan McReynolds, and learn how you can use data and event technology to create a connected experience for your attendees—before, during and after events. The webinar will cover: 
    • How human behavior impacts attendee expectations
    • The experience and data points event tech enables you to capture
    • Data collection opportunities at different points in the attendee journey
    • Using the principle of reciprocity—giving back to attendees who engage
    • ... and much more

Watch the webinar: