Webinar: Tracking the Business Metrics that Matter, Online and Offline

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Whether you're tracking online or offline marketing initiatives, marketing platforms allow you to track an ever-expanding collection of metrics and data points.

Data makes it possible to generate more insights, but it can also be overwhelming.

From leads and opportunities to win rate and ROI, how do you know which metrics prove success and which ones are simply indicators of it?

During this webinar, Event Farm CMO, Alexandra Gibson, joins Dave Rigotti, VP of Marketing at Bizible, for a discussion about measuring the business metrics that matter, both online and offline. During the webinar, you'll learn: 

    • How to establish marketing goals based on the business metrics that matter
    • The CMO's perspective: where and how to allocate your budget
    • How to measure all of your channels the same way, and why this leads to better decision-making
    • The role events should play in your overall marketing strategy

Watch the webinar: