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[Webinar] How We're Driving Revenue and Building Brand Awareness with Our Events, Step-by-Step

When: On demand!

No one on our marketing team of three is a dedicated event marketer, or even has a background in planning events.

So sitting in the first event-planning meeting for our Women Crushing It Wednesday event series, we were a bit daunted and weren't exactly sure where to start. 

But then we realized something: Even though we're not event marketers, we're still marketers. We started applying the same step-by-step methodology we use for online marketing campaigns to our event series—and everything became a lot easier. 

During this webinar, we'll take you behind the scenes and into our marketing meetings. We'll walk through: 

  • Why we're shifting our marketing strategy to host more events
  • Marketing our event so it hit the 130-person capacity in less than one day and built a waiting list of over 60 people
  • Setting short-term event goals, like generating leads and interacting with prospects, and long-term event goals, like driving revenue
  • Why we think guest-list segmentation is so important, and how we do it
  • How the Event Farm platform helps us treat our events the same way we treat online marketing channels
  • How we're using experiential technology to keep attendees engaged and learn more about our audience so we can better market to them in the future
  • Keeping people engaged after an event ends


Watch the webinar: